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Nonprofit Agency & Housing Assistance Based in Memphis, Tennessee

Having somewhere to call "home", is something that many people may take for granted. There are people that do not have the ability to call a place home.

bandele inc in Memphis, Tennessee, is a nonprofit agency that provides housing assistance and job training. This service is available to many people who need help in Shelby County.

Housing Assistance
There are permanent housing, temporary housing, and woman and children's housing available. One of the nonprofit agencies assists you with certain fees for housing assistance depending on edibility.

Permanent housing assists people who are 62 years or older find a home. You may not qualify if you have filed for bankruptcy and have property lens. However, income and credit is not a qualifying factor. Permanent Housing requires you to maintain property insurance, taxes, and maintain the house.

Temporary housing helps you transition back into society. The housing for woman and children assists families whom have lost their home. They may have lost the home do to foreclosure, unemployment, domestic valance, and other situations. We provide women with a house that is suitable for their kids.

In addition to these housing options, our nonprofit started a group housing program. This program is designed for mentally challenge children that are homeless or do not have enough income to live on their own.

Our nonprofit has helped many individuals and families through the last 9 years. When you need to turn to someone for help, turn to bandele inc.

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